A Quick Guide To Preparing for Trade Shows in 2018


Trade shows are a great place for both businesses and customers to network, build up a wider a client base, and get your name out there, ultimately leading to more success as a company.

However, unless you’re a seasoned trade show specialist, it can be rather daunting to host an exhibition. With so much forward diconet.eu planning involved and a good deal of investment required, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start.

So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a quick guide to preparing for trade shows in 2018.

Develop a trade show plan 

Before you jump headfirst into the logistics, you need to develop a detailed trade show plan so you can organise yourself effectively.

Create a document that contains everything you need to know about the exhibition, such as dates, times, exhibition size requirements and available resources, before creating a timeline of different actions that need completing before the day.

Make sure to identify the role that trade shows will serve, including any objectives for product sales, leads generated or publicity; develop a detailed trade show budget against a forecasted return on investment; and create a marketing plan.

You can find an example of a detailed plan here.

Make a personnel rota 

As part of the overall trade show plan you need to make a personnel rota well in advance and distribute it to staff early to ensure everyone is available.

Think about how many staff you need to sell your products, take note of leads, and help to create the stand and ensure you have enough staff to take full advantage of passing customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind the size of your stand to ensure it doesn’t get too crowded and put people off.

Once you’ve established how many staff you need, allocate each member to certain jobs and break times to ensure it runs smoothly and that there is always someone manning the stand. 

Plan staff training

 According to Inc, “Well-trained staff are the most important part of your trade show experience” and it’s vital to provide adequate training.

You could turn up with the best stand, the most impressive presentation and the best products but if your staff aren’t fully equipped to talk about your business and engage with potential customers, it won’t be successful.

Make sure staff are aware of the objectives, know your company and products inside and out, and are equipped to handle any difficult questions. It’s also key to ensure they know how to talk to clients well and handle potential leads. 

Order promotional material 

One of the most important things to do in advance is to order promotional material for your trade show stand. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to frantically order items the week before the event.

When it comes to promotional material, make sure your company brand is visible on every item so that people remember your business after they’ve left. Make sure it’s eye-catching, professionally designed, and useful so that it doesn’t just end up in the bin!

You can order promotional material such as pens, pencils, t-shirts and USB sticks from lots of online retailers such as Stitch Embroidery UK.


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