Employee training: taking your workforce to new levels


It seems like a very obvious thing to say, but training your workforce is one of the most productive things that any company can do. However, in these times of economic uncertainty – and when saving efficiencies are constantly being searched for – many businesses may think that the cost is just too much.

However, a number of studies have shown that training employees boosts productivity by an amazing degree. Developing your company’s staff has been proved to increase income and produce higher profit margins – so it is obvious that some investment in employee training and development can have an extremely positive result.

Introducing training courses for your company has the added benefit of holding on to good employees as they will feel that their career is in your interest as well as theirs. Employees who feel valued and wanted will boost productivity, and that can only mean good things for your business.

Here are five ways that you can train your employees.

Keeping up to date with digital advancements

Most businesses these days have some kind of digital element to their work, and even the most physical and non-office roles will be touched by technology. Training employees is obviously key in this area, but it is also vitally important that this kind of training is refreshed every two years or so as the digital world changes that quickly. Online training sessions do not have to intrude on the working day, so productivity can continue and targets can still be met – if not surpassed.

Build your own programs

Just because money may not be in the greatest supply, there is no need to fall back on your employee development. Training can only help bring in more money, so coming up with your own schemes could be the answer. Including your own employees here is key as the sense of involvement will be able to help as well as being an ideal way to identify what your company needs from its training courses.

Bring in the professionals

You may believe that the way to introduce the best training development programs is to use people who do it for a living. The Knowledge Academy offers training courses in fields such as project management and IT and can cater its programs to fit the individual needs of your business. The courses that it runs can be classroom based or remotely accessed, so you can discover which is best for you to get the most rewarding results.


It is safe to say that what works for one individual may not work for the person who they work next to – even if they are doing the same job. That is why introducing personal development plans for your employees can be a great way to boost productivity across the board. These plans could be in the form of performance-based incentives, but whichever way you look to go forward, catering for the individual needs of an employee can help with loyalty, productivity, and ultimately profit.

Keep it simple

If all this sounds like too much work and not financially viable, you should know that introducing training and development programs for employees does not have to be an expensive business. An excellent form of training – which will not hit the bank balance – is lunch and learns. Not only does this type of training not eat into the busy work day, but it also doesn’t have to come with a large price tag. A laidback approach could also help if your employees are not used to conventional training programs. For the small outlay put towards complimentary food, your workforce could learn valuable skills that can be implemented with immediate effect.

Training makes sense

Though every business should keep a close eye on financial outgoings, not introducing some kind of training scheme is a very short-term way to run your company. A more skilled workforce will boost productivity and create a higher profit margin – and a highly motivated group of employees will strive to make their company even more successful as they will feel as though they are a real part of it.

There are whole areas of business that will get left behind if your employees don’t improve and learn more about the way that they can work more efficiently and to a higher standard. There is nothing to gain from not seeing training as an essential part of your company’s future – it could take you in a whole new successful direction.


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