Charon TS 218 Review


Today, we’re looking at one of the most advanced vaporizing modulators on the market right now. The Charon TS 218 is packed with features, performance capability and customizing opportunities all operated through a 2.4 inch intuitive touch screen.


The Charon offers an industry leading 218W on full output with a highest temperature of an sweltering 300 degrees Celsius. Of course, on max output, the chances are you’ll burn out your atomizer at a faster rate. The touch screen is responsive without ever feeling fragile which is ideal for carrying around in your pockets.


What separates the smoant charon touch screen from its competitors is the amount of choice you get. This modulator is fully custom. You can adjust the power from 1W all the way up to the full 218W capacity. The same goes for the temperature. What I really like is the Custom VW/ TC feature. It’s a feature that allows you to choose a temperature to wattage curve for your ideal, smoothest vape. For some users that may be unnecessary, but for those who like to experiment it’s great.

Build and Operation

The whole unit feels solid and is controlled via a 2.4 inch touch screen. I really like the simple interface that allows you to adjust settings in one or two touches. There’s a screen lock to save battery alongside a five time pressure button to switch it on and off. The batteries are lithium ion that can easily be removed. However, being able to charge directly into the unit via USB is a handy addition which I’d love to see on more modulators in future.

Final Verdict

The smoant charon mod modulator has some space age technology packed into a small portable unit. It is one of the more expensive modulators but the opportunity to adjust every detail of a vape will make it popular among enthusiasts. An excellent piece of advanced modulator technology.

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