Don’t let Brexit deprive you of your rights as a European citizen

Not everyone has to live with the results of the Brexit vote. For millions of British citizens whose lives are strongly bound with the European Union the constant call to respect democracy and the will of the people is not that simple. Finding yourself suddenly without the means to live and travel freely throughout the other EU nations is a disaster. The whole of your professional and personal life are at stake. And it isn’t fair that you be deprived of them without due process of law.

Fortunately, there is way out—or a way back in. Becoming an Irish citizen will allow you to retain your European citizenship. Irish citizenship guarantees that the rights and privileges of living and working in Europe will continue to be yours.

The headlines are filled with stories about when Britain will exit Europe and what that will look like. You, however, must assume the worst. You must assume that once Britain finally leaves the EU it will mean you no longer possess any rights to live and work in other EU countries. To protect yourself against this inevitability you should explore the possibility of obtaining Irish citizenship. The eligibility requirements are as follows: you have been living and working in Ireland, you are married to someone in Ireland or the EEA and living there, your parents were born in Ireland, your grandparents were born in Ireland; you can also claim Irish citizenship through recent ancestry.

You may never have looked at whether you have Irish ancestry before. Now is the time to do so. Of course, if any of the other conditions obtain it is merely a matter of getting the documentation to prove it. If you have been working in Ireland for some years, the company or organization you work for will be able to produce a letter testifying to that fact. And of course there are the bills and bank account statements that also prove your case.

But no matter which road you decide to take you should get the help of professionals. Although Ireland, and many other EU countries have welcomed citizenship applications from British residents, your paperwork must still be in order. You must still produce the right documentation and fill in the necessary forms properly. Otherwise, your application will be kicked back and your citizenship will be delayed. There are a number of organizations dedicated to smoothing the way toward Irish citizenship. They can provide you with the advice and assistance you need for your application to be successful.

Now is the best time to be an EU citizen. Europe is starting to make real advancements economically and socially. The ideas behind the EU project are starting to have real results. You have grounded the whole of your future happiness and success on this. And you cannot now turn away. There is only one way, and that is to go forward. Getting Irish citizenship will allow you to do this without worry. It will allow you to carry on with your life plans.

If your future is in the European Union, the Brexit vote no doubt has you worried. Get the security you need by applying for Irish citizenship .

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