Excellent muscle gaining properties of Dianabol

Dianabol is also known by its chemical name Methandrostenolone and is a popular and extensively used anabolic steroid by athletes and bodybuilders. This steroid was introduced as a prescription drug in the medical field by Dr. John Ziegler in the 1950s. It was brought by Ciba, a pharmaceutical company under the trade name Dianabol. This drug gained immense popularity in the 1960s and 1970s referred as the “Golden Era of Bodybuilding.” It is the first oral drug to be produced synthetically and sold in the pharmacies. The estrogenic activity of this compound is moderate and aromatization is caused by aromatase enzyme, which converts androgens into estrogen.

The androgenic strength and activity of this drug are far less than testosterone. The androgenic rating is 40 as compared to the androgenic rating of testosterone of 100. Users of this steroid say it is effective in enhancing muscle mass and promoting strength. It promotes an encouraging nitrogen balance that permits the body to retain extra protein. As a result, muscle mass grows when the body gets sufficient protein supply. The most common and incredibly popular form of this drug is sold in 10 mg blue tablets. If these tablets are taken in combination with adequate exercise and a good nutrition then they offer gains that are easily maintained.

The cycles and uses

The use of this steroid is mostly during bulking cycles where the athlete or bodybuilder is not much concerned about water retention or bloating. These cycles are usually opted during off-season period and normally stacked with anabolic steroids that produce similar effects such as testosterone Enanthate, a variant of testosterone. In most of the cycles, this is used as a kick starting steroid, used for the first 4 to 6 weeks in the cycle to gain strength and the user gets the full effects after injecting the compound, Testosterone Enanthate. This drug is advised not be used in the cycle for a longer period than 4-6 weeks.

Shorter cycles can be used but should be made run with a fast acting base steroid such as testosterone Propionate. The cycles should be limited to 4 to 6 weeks though the additional drug can be extended beyond this length. This steroid is rarely used as a cutting agent due to its negative estrogenic effects. However, the cycles of weight loss are not different from bulking cycles. The optimal dosage of this steroid is 5 mg daily and for the beginners, the dosages range between 15-30 mg per day. The intermediate and advanced dosages are between 30-50 mg per day and are advised not to venture above the greater range.

The Pills versus Injections

The steroid is commonly available in tablet form. This form is a preferred choice among many bodybuilders as they act fast and can be consumed without pain. The oral form is sold in 10 mg blue tablet form. They can be delivered as injectables too and both the forms are equally potent. Therefore it depends on the individual’s preference to choose either of the two forms. This tablet has a shelf-life of 3-5 hours, which suggests it can reach the blood faster than the injectable steroid. An oral dose of 10 mg can be taken by splitting into two doses of 5 mg daily.

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