Back pain and chiropractic treatment

Cork, Ireland

Do you feel pain in your back? Strong, sharp, mostly in the lower back, and sometimes you feel the pain goes down the leg? Are you eye-gaze stiff with limited movements? You often lean on one side, holding your back with your hands, walking hard? Does the pain present all the time during the whole 24 hours? Do you have difficulties with standing up straight and sitting? Are you sleeping bad and nervous because of the pain?

What are causes responsible for the pain?

Modern technological achievements allowed us a large number of so-called sitting jobs. Many of us spending full time in a sittings position. We go to work and go back home by city transport or car, also in the same position. At home, of course, we use spare time for rest – sitting or lying in front of the TV…

The fact is, we’re not moving enough. At the market, in the store, at a doctor, on a trip, with friends … We go all the way, most often by a car. This way of life weakens the back and abdominal muscles, which play a key role in the correct distribution of the load on the spinal column and leads to the premature violation of the normal spinal column structure. There are more than 200 potential causes of back pain. It often comes from one or more anatomical structures – muscle joints, discus, facet joints or sacroiliac joints.

What are the most common causes of back pain?

–    mechanical causes (weak muscles, muscle diseases, improper posture, prostate disease…)

–    degenerative changes (herniated disc, osteochondrosis …)

–    congenital abnormalities of the vertebrae (asymmetry of articular facets, sacralization or transformation of the fifth vertebra into lumbar

–    injuries (stretching of the lumbar spine, fracture of the vertebra, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, sprain of small spine joints)

–    rheumatic diseases (rheumatic joint inflammation)

–    tumors

–    infections

–    diseases of the blood vessels


The causes clearly testify that back pain isn’t an innocent problem. In cases where the lower back pain is of the same intensity even after three days of rest, the patient must consult his specialist. There are, however, cases when you need to go to a doctor because the pain in the back suggests serious medical problems.

Chiropractic treatment of the pain

Chiropractic is an alternative treatment option that has become very popular today and is often used. Chiropractic focuses on musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders and the impact of these disorders on overall health. In many cases, such as lower back pain, chiropractic is the primary method of treatment.

It’s one of the oldest forms of pain treatment. Before performing this treatment, a detailed clinical examination is necessary, and to relax and warm up the muscles of the back. Also, if necessary, depending on the cause and degree of pain, it’s also good to do a diagnostic recording.

Of course, it’s important to mention – chiropractic is not applicable to herniated disc with a clear pressure on the nerve or spinal cord, in osteoporosis and malignant changes on the spinal column.


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