Your Introduction toThe World Of Oxandrolone


Oxandrolone is more recognizable by its brand name, Anavar. It is undoubtedly one of the most preferred oral anabolic steroids for cutting cycle. And it is less harmful to your liver when compared with its peers. However, authentic Oxandrolone is a bit expensive. However, in spite of its relatively high cost, it is a worthy investment. In keeping with this, you might want to understand this steroid better.

What to Expect

You have to get your facts right before going for this steroid. To begin with, la Oxandrolona would not help you in weight gain. So this might not be the best steroid for you if you want to bulk up. However, this anabolic androgenic steroid helps in developing eye-gaze muscle tissues. Also, it offers lesser water retention. It is specifically suitable for men. Women can take it too. However, they have to take it under expert supervision and stick to the recommended dosage. However, athletes and bodybuilders often prefer following an Oxandrolone-only cycle. This is something that fitness gurus do not recommend. To get fast and effective results without stacking the steroid, you will have to take it in a high dosage. This is going to be expensive. Plus, too much of Oxandrolone can also land you up with serious side effects. However, taking a daily dose of 80 mg of the steroid would not harm you in any way. Another important thing to remember is that you should not use the steroid more than 6 months at a stretch.

Classification ofOxandrolone

When it comes to the steroid, bodybuilders would often refer to them as ‘anabolics’ and ‘testosterone supplements’. Judging in the light of human physiology, you can call them correct in their response. But linguistically, steroids have a completely different meaning. You can call them a molecular structure. As a beginner, you can consider taking the oral versions of Oxandrolone. You can find this anabolic steroid in different brand names. They include Maxibim, Oxandrolone 10 mg, Dianabol, Androyd, Halotestin, Methyltestosterone, Halotestin and the like. With a slight change in its standard 17-alpha position, drug manufacturers change the composition of these anabolics in different ways. Often, the newly formulated steroids would work more intensely than that of its original version. This will help in promoting the standard androgenic activities, as well as anabolic works.

The Positive and Negative Effects

The specialty of la Oxandrolona lies in the fact they have quite mild androgenic components. Yet, it is highly anabolic in nature. Most of the male users who have tried this steroid attest the fact that it seldom leaves any type of side effect. So far women are concerned; they might undergo symptoms of mild virilization or clitoris enlargement. However, such negative effects do not linger much. The oral version of Oxandrolone is formulated from DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Thanks to the modification from the original formula, it does not leave a toxic effect to your liver.  Moreover, you stand a lesser chance of developing hepatotoxic effects. Finally, this steroid does not easily change to estrogen. Hence, men taking it are less likely to develop gynecomastia.


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