Should I visit a holistic dentist?


Standard western medicine historically tends to focus on resolving an immediate problem rather than prevention. We tend to visit the doctor when we already feel unwell, and search for cures, rather than finding remedies that keep us from getting sick at all. This mindset also extends to the dental field in many ways. Standard dentists will provide cleanings and other services, but more often than not, our dental care will focus on treating a problem that has already developed, rather than promoting a lifestyle that will make these issues less likely to develop at all.

Many of us have become more conscious of the idea that living a proactive lifestyle is the key to preventing disease in many areas, including with our teeth, and this thinking is the basis of the development of holistic dentistry. Holistic dentists tend to take a more rounded approach to dental health than a typical practicing dentist. Sure, your doctor likely reminds you that flossing is critical, and that you should brush after every meal – they also probably warn you away from too much sugar. But, the concept of holistic dentistry, and supporting overall dental health is much more involved and, well, holistic than this. 

What does a holistic dentist do? 

A holistic dentist will take stock of your dental health, examining you for disease, decay, or injury over time. When deciding how to treat a patient, a holistic dentist will take many factors into account – physical health, emotional health, history, diet, and more. These dentists use this information to inform their practice, and will make use of natural therapies, in combination with standard medical practice, to create a holistic treatment plan for each patient.

After visiting a holistic dentist, patients may be given advice that includes change to diet. Recommendations for complementary treatments, and even referrals to provide emotional support. As a compliment to this, holistic dentists also strive to use minimal intervention, and natural treatments wherever possible to be sure that dental work does not have an adverse impact on the rest of the body. 

Is holistic dentistry safe? 

Theoretically, consulting with a holistic dentist will be more safe than seeing a standard one. But, when it comes to medical intervention of any kind, be sure to check out who you’re going to see. Check out their credentials and online reviews. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to see if any official complaints have been lodged against any of the medical professionals that you trust.

As people become more concerned about their health, there are more and more people out there willing to take advantage of this fear, and use the term “holistic” inaccurately. If you see a dentist with proper certification, who takes a holistic approach to your dental (and overall) health, you’ll be as safe, or safer, than you would be with your regular tooth doc! 

If I see a holistic dentist, do I still need to visit a regular dentist? 

Really, the best possible situation is to find a dentist who is well-versed in all modern dental techniques, but who also appreciates that the whole body, and dental health, are related. This way, you can be sure your treatment includes the best of both worlds, and that you’ll be taking the best possible care of your teeth and your health.

Is holistic dentistry affordable? 

Holistic dentistry can be very expensive, sometimes double the typical cost of an average dentist, but the pricing really depends on the treatment you seek, what the dentist offers, and how much consultation you need. Those who are committed to holistic dentistry swear by the advice they are given, and find the preventative measures taken at the advice of their doctor gives great results in the long run.

If you do have benefits that cover your dental work or are able to afford the extra cost, there is no reason not to see a holistic dentist. With medical expertise, and extra care and attention available for your overall health, the benefits are huge.

Seeing  dentist regularly is critical for good health, whether you opt to see a holistic dentist, or one of the more standard variety. Like all health related issues, it is best to have a balanced approach when it comes to holistic medicine versus “standard” medicine. Holistic approaches help us to focus on prevention, healthy lifestyle, and overall balance, rather than simply fixing problems we might have been able to prevent.



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