Building A Water Well In The Backyard


We all grew up watching television and invariably there was a movie or a show where someone fell into a well and the hero had to rescue the poor woman, child, dog etc. that was clumsy enough to fall in.

Realistically, that is about as much knowledge as most of us have about water wells.  That is unfortunate as they are incredibly useful and not dangerous at all.

So the truth is that installing a well in the backyard will modestly change the appearance of the yard but more importantly will provide a source for unlimited ground water.

Building a well may seem like a herculean task but in reality it is not.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that before ground is broken, you must check with the local municipality and discover the local zoning laws.  It is quite possible that if you live in the city limits, you will not be allowed to drill a well.

The expense and difficulty of installing the well is dependent upon a few factors.

First, what is the terrain like?  If it is rock rather than soil, a bigger drill will have to be eagle-products used increasing the time and expense.

What is the water depth?  Again the farther down the aquifer is, the higher the expense and time required.

If your desire is to drill yourself, you will have to invest in a micro drilling rig.  You can pick these up at Lowes or other hardware stores.  They simply use a drill bit that is attached to pipes that extend deep into the ground.  The good thing about this type of rig is it is cheap and requires no heavy equipment at all.

If you hit water, check the pressure immediately.  If it is not strong enough to force water up the pipe, you will need to continue to dig deeper.  The lower you go, the higher the water pressure.

Now, you simply need to attach a water pump to the pipe and viola, you will have fresh water coming from your well.

However, keep in mind that it is dangerous to drill a well by yourself especially if you are a novice.  It is highly recommended that you call a reputable well driller to perform the drilling for you.  It is worth the extra expense.

If you live in the Central Florida area, feel free to call Pruitt Water for all your well drilling needs.  They will take care of everything involved from beginning to end.  You can learn more about them at


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