Packaging Design: Brand Addiction in FMCG

Packaging design forms the first and most essential image of the brand in the shopper’s mind. As the pace of packaging design change rarely slows down when it comes to innovation in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG),achieving the buyer’s pleasure when they pick up a box or a bottle requires understanding their patterns of behavior and how to use them to your advantage to get them “addicted” to your brand.

The color, shape, fonts, logos and imagery on the product’s packaging play an important part in guiding people to their favorite brands and products. That’s because shoppers are normally creatures of habit, and the recognizable packaging design of the products can help them find what they need on the cluttered supermarket shelves. So clearly, getting the packaging right pays for marketers.

Package design that gets consumers hooked on your brand

Make packaging stand out:

Fast decisions require mental shortcuts in order to guide shoppers’ choices. Shoppers’ attention will be directed towards certain cues more than others. “Biomotive Triggers” affect shoppers’ instinctive level of response before the conscious part of their brain even starts working. Having some distinctive features in the product’s package design that make it different than all the similar products around it is important to direct the attention of shoppers towards it.

Moreover, certain shapes and colors draw shoppers’attention very well, depending on the target customer. Brands are using advanced research totarget their audience response, especially in gender-focused marketing.Men and women have different reactions to colors, shapes and language.Therefore, brands are focusing more onoptimizing these details.

Change is scary:

When a product’s packaging design is changed, the risk of losing the buyer’s attention increases. The reduced branding in new designs can create some confusion for shoppers. Not to mention the fact that it is an expensive business toredesign a product’s packaging. Thus, marketers need to get it right from the start, and the trick is to offer something that people need.

Change is scary for people, as they’re creatures of habit, and just a few are actual early adopters. But innovative ideas can be a long-term investment for producers and are considered to be brave and futuristic methods of managing brands.

Packaging design mistakes to avoid

Creatively ambitious designers often underperform in some essential functional features of packaging,like protection and easy access,despite their importance to consumers. On the other hand, some designers are focusing too much on the appearance attributes, like making the packs more attractive and the brands easier to find.

The most important element of packaging in FMCG is tomake the benefits of the product clear to consumers. It also should be about experience innovation, and not just about product innovation. In this way, brands canuse packaging to get consumers “addicted” to their products.

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