Small list of must-have office supplies

If one of your job responsibilities is taking care of the office supplies, there are some things that you have to pay attention to. According to statistics, there are many employees who say that they are not pleased because their offices do not include all the necessary accessories. For example, they do not like that they have to pay for their pens, agendas or more. But, in order to make your tasks easier, here are some things that you should include on your “to buy list” for the offices.

Personalised ink stamps

There are many people who have the tendency to ignore ink stamps. But, there is also true that in Singapore, there are many people who think that these accessories are able to serve multiple purposes. They have been used since the oldest times and they are a matter of professionalism.


Believe it or not, these ink stamps are one of the best ways of avoiding fraud. In the majority of situations, these small office tools are used for tracking documents. For example, if each department of your company has its own personalised ink stamp, it would be easy for you to identify who has approved the documents. On the other hand, there are people who say that business partners claim that only those papers which include the company’s signature and stamp are the ones which should be regarded as trustworthy. Moreover, there is also true that there are some trends when it comes to ink stamps. If you search for shiny self inking stamp Singapore, you will find the most popular models from the industry.

Agendas/ notebooks

Do you want your employees/ work colleagues to be organised and to keep in mind their important tasks? If the answer is “yes”, you have to buy some writing materials such as agendas or notebooks. Make sure each of them receives at least one such agenda at the beginning of a new year. What is more, the experts say that you should make sure that everybody gets the same types of notebooks in order to make sure that nobody will feel less important. In fact, experts suggest personalising these agendas by printing the name of your company and the logo on the covers of the agendas.

Calendars and post notes

These office supplies are important when it comes to time management.  There are some periods when the employees of a company have so many things to put in order that there is no wonder that their head starts spinning with all the problems. What is more, if they feel stressed out, they also have the tendency to forget about important things such as projects deadlines or meetings. Thus, make sure everybody receives calendars and post notes. Even if almost everyone has a smart device such as a tab or a mobile phone, calendars and post notes are still some of the most efficient alternatives for taking notes. The best part is that the employees can keep them on their desks and check them every time they feel the need to do that.

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