Take a Look at These Things before Buying Cheap LED Bulbs a Spots

An incandescent era has now gone it’s time to switch for LED’s. There are countless benefits you can get from LED’s. First of all their life spam is more than 20 years so once you invested in LED’s then you don’t have to worry about your expenses anymore. as you can find on this site: Mrperfect.dk

There is no better time than now to switch to LED’s because there is a prominent advancement in LED’s. Now they can provide warm light of comfort.  Because of the so many verities of LED bulbs, you have to keep in mind some tips for buying the LED’s. Buying a LED is a lot more different than buying an incandescent.

  • Look for Lumens

You probably look for watts when you go shopping for incandescent but when you go buying LED you have to look for lumens. Because the brightness of LED’s measured by lumens. Size don’t matter regarding bulbs, but intensity entirely depends on how much energy can produce a bulb draw. An incandescent is related with watts because it can bring power regarding watts but with LED’s this case doesn’t work. So when you are looking for a LED which has equal brightness power to a 150w bulb you have to look for 2600 lumens (lm).

  • Take no chance with color

An incandescent only provides with warm yellow light. But LED’s, on the other hand, comes in various colors to choose from. This broad range of colors spread around red to purple and many spectrums of white and yellow. Most brilliant color in LED’s are white and its different shades (warm, soft and bright).

  • It’s a long term investment

While switching from incandescent, you will be going to hesitate for a moment but don’t because of it a long term investment. LED’s going to save a lot of your precious money. Remember the long lasting life of LED’s it’s going to save 20 years of bulb expenses and also LED’s use lesser electricity than the incandescent. So you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills too.

  • LED’s are dimmable

There are two types of LED’s in the case of the dimmer. One that can be used with dimmers and the one that can’t. So be aware if you want dimmable LEDs. Traditional dimmers that we use with bright work with cutting off the electricity flow towards the bulb so the brightness of the bulb become depressed. As we know that in the case of LED’s there is no connection between power and intensity. If you are in search of a LED that is dimmable, just follow these 1 or 2 steps. First find a LED that can be dimmed by your current dimmer or you can also find a dimmer that is compatible with your LED. While shopping for LED try to know that what kind of dimmer you are using now if you don’t know just try to find a LED that works fine with the typical incandescent dimmers.

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