The legal stance against Dianabol in New Zealand and the ways to buy it

Dianabol is trusted by many, the proof of which is that despite regulations and side effects, people, especially bodybuilders and fitness lovers prefer the drug to anything else. Different countries have different rules regarding the use of steroids and other fitness supplements. In New Zealand, there are many regulations regarding the sale, use and consumption of Dianabol. There were many instances of people being sent to jail or awarded punishments for using or selling Dianabol. For example, a famous bodybuilder who had won many championships in the country was sent to jail for selling and even consuming Dianabol. Then again, a rugby player was banned from playing for six years for the same charges. These instances make you wonder the rules regarding Dianabol in New Zealand.

Buying Dianabol in New Zealand

First thing first, Dianabol is not legal in New Zealand.  As per rules, it is illegal to possess, use or import Dianabol. These rules are strictly implemented and hence to procure the drug in the country is very difficult. At the same time, the use of the steroid is allowed for medical purposes. That means, if you want Dianabol in New Zealand, the only way to get it is through a doctor’s prescription. But at the same time, doctors usually do not endorse use of steroids or prescribe them unless and until the case is crucial and there is no other way to reduce the symptoms of the patient.

Dianabol with its powerful androgenic properties and potency is strictly forbidden in sports. Androgen properties lead to binding of androgen receptors which in turn promotes protein production in the body. This property has multiple benefits. One is it helps in muscle development and second, it also helps athletes recover faster in case of injuries or the fatigue or muscle wearing out due to intense workouts. Thus, Dianabol can be of much assistance to sportspersons, in particular bodybuilders. The latter need a rugged body with hard muscles for competitions and hence, using Dianabol can be of much benefit to them.

There are also those steroids which have been popular with athletes but the use of which is legally permitted only for veterinary purposes. One such steroid is Trenbolone. In such cases, what athletes do is that they combine trenbolone with other steroids so that they can be used for human consumption. These steroids, even trenbolone is available in powder form and this can be used to make a specific drug of your choice. So, what some athletes did was import this powder to New Zealand to make other drugs. Again, these activities are also punishable. Click here to know where to buy Dianabol in New Zealand.

So, there can be done a few things to buy Dianabol online in New Zealand and get it shipped to the country from other places. But again, this has to be done discreetly. Though the price you will have to pay will vary as different dealers charge differently, the average cost can be around 100 NZD.


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