How to watch movies and series online for free on iPhone and iPad

Is it possible to watch movies or series online for free from an iPad or iPhone ? A common doubt among users of iOS devices and of course has an affirmative answer: yes, it is possible to do so and it is also very easy. The truth is that we are not surprised by this question, since these devices especially the iPad are ideal for consuming online video, thanks to the tremendous quality of its screen and the ease to carry them always on. Would you like to know the options available? Keep reading, we’ll tell you!

We must think that in a way an iPad or iPhone behaves in a similar way to a PC or Mac. In our computer we usually open a browser and directly access a web page to enjoy online content, because in the case of a device IOS this does not vary too much. With this in mind, the first thing to do to watch movies or series online is to open a browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera or any other) on our iPad or iPhone and access any of the websites to watch online movies available on the Internet ( Which are precisely few).

On the Internet there are lots of sites to watch movies or series. Some offer better quality content and worse ones (more variety of content, titles with better quality of sound and video, etc, etc …), but the truth is that it is really easy to find these types of sites and a few searches on Google We can find countless sites. However, and to make things a little easier, here are some pages where you can Download free full movies or series online for free from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any other type of smartphone (no matter your operating system : Android, Windows Phone, etc, etc …), tablet or even computer.
The operation of any of them is simple. We will only have to access the chosen one from our iDevice and look for the title that we want to see at that moment. Once located we must access the tab of the film or the chapter of the series and follow the instructions on the page on how to watch movies or series .One of the website is Movie counter where we can download and watch free movies for free.
The possibility of viewing this type of content directly from the browser opens a wide range of possibilities, but in some cases it is possible that the browser is not the best option. For example if we have a bad connection to the Internet (or we do not have a connection directly), if the content is in a format that is not compatible with the browser and other similar impediments, you may have to resort to other options.

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