What is Winstrol Depot?

Winstrol Depot is Winstrol sold in injections. The generic name of Stanozolol is more common. It is a prescription-only drug, but a lot of people still tend to use it. The drug is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. Before you consider injecting Winstrol Depot, you ought to know the athletic performance.

What is Winstrol Depot?

Winstrol Depot is Stanozolol injection, but has different names in different countries. For example, in some places it is called Stromba, some Androstanozole or Methylstanazol, and more. The drug has a molecular formula of C21H32N2O. The pharmaceutical grade and anabolic state shows that it was produced as a male testosterone. As it is a endocrine metabolic agent, it is used illegally by most fitness enthusiasts. It needs you know the safety concerns. The drug has been discontinued after being added to the FDA Orange Book. Until the mid-2000s, Stanozolol was used as an adjunct treatment for treating certain types of hereditary angioedema, anemia, and some more conditions. It is known to treat chronic infections, but also has risks with anabolic-androgenic steroids that overrule the benefits. You would know more about results and doses as you read below. However, you must note that the drug is more common for veterinary practices and only used by veterinary practitioners. The side effects of the drug can be dangerous for liver and the heart.

Chemical Composition

Winstrol is well known for the catabolism of metabolic breakdown of the compounds into simpler components. The drug is known to develop for maintaining androgenic properties, and that serves masculine characteristics.

Winstrol Depot belongs to the list of estrane steroids or the drugs that have their structure in estrane skeleton. The steroid doesn’t have a methyl group situated at C10 position. The skeletons and structure define specific activities that are found in the components of anabolic and androgenic steroids, supplements and medicines.

Winstrol Depot is known to have anabolic properties, but the androgenic characteristics are less. This means it gives more power and strength and less of the androgen receptor activities.

Recommendation of dosage                            

Winstrol Depot is found in underground labs and black markets at the dosage of 50 mg. This is in contrary to oral Winstrol that is taken on an average of 5 to 10 mg per day. The injectable Winstrol Depot is given for 2-3 weeks. Some bodybuilding websites recommend dosage of 50 mg, on every alternative day for men. Women must have lower amount of dosage as they can have virilization. The drug takes time to show results, like the alternatives. However, those are likely to be legal, while Winstrol is not.

It is essential to know more about results and doses so that you can use it responsibly. World Anti-Doping Agency doesn’t ban the non-medical use of Winstrol, but it still has number of side effects like headaches, jaundice, nausea, and more. It is important to consider the right way to use a drug, know its alternatives and be aware of all potentials risks.

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